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Your Brand New DIY Shop

Your Brand New DIY Shop

Constructive disorder

Well, quit the wishful thinking and you might want to take a better look at your garage and…make it your brand-not-that-new DIY workshop.

This is not the craziest idea since a garage is the place you store your tools anyway. On the plus side, you won’t have to move around anyway to go looking for some tools or materials. But, in order to give your garage a brand new mean, you need to follow some tips…

Get rid of the useless

It’s very important to remove all the household items that take a lot of room, without being necessary. Your kids don’t use their bicycles anymore and you don’t paint any time soon either. Try to separate the spaces with an imaginary line (or a real one for the unexpected guests) and keep apart the “household” space from the “workshop” one.

Now that you have setup the boundaries in some kind of way, take a look at the floor: is it safe to work? Any miter saw reviewer will tell you that safety comes first and no real art craftsman doesn’t use a miter saw sooner or later. And, the last thing you want to happen when carefully using the miter saw is to stumble into some piece of furniture or household item left around…

Having the right work table is essential when crafting and you can actually build one in the garage. It organizes the workspace and you don’t misplace nuts, bolts under paper anymore. Now that the work table is clean, you can start the brand new project that you had in mind for a while…

Don’t forget your workbench also. Either you build it on your own, or buy it, it has to be able to take the poundings you’ll put it through. You need stability for your workbench more than anything. The top has to be long lasting and ready to take the heavy use. And, the workbench needs to be made of a material that relates to your main art projects…

If you want to win some space in your garage/craft shop you can build a DIY fold-down workbench and only take it out when you’re using it.

Figure out where you’re going to store your tools and get a good quality tool chest also. Go for smooth rolling ball-bearing drawers and don’t forget to use mats to prevent tools from sliding. Not to mention the protection the soft mats give to your tools also.

When it comes to organizing your working place, there are so many options out there. A pegboard is great for storing the tools you use more often. And, you can always build a hinged pegboard storage system for your new workshop.

Go all the way

Don’t forget about the details in your new workshop. Seek that the electrical outlets are in reach so that you can easily charge your electrical tools. When you use a DIY cutting machine, you need outlets for AC units, computer, 3D printer, lighting and television.

As garages are typically dark, you need more lighting options than the usual. The brightest light comes from the fluorescent lights. And your budget doesn’t suffer much either.

You need to keep your garage warm in the winter and cooled in the summer and you can’t work, not to say craft, when you’re freezing to death. So you can insulate your garage and get some portable or window AC units.

Everyone crafting knows that you can’t do it without making some mess…So you need a floor that is easy to clean. The epoxy floor finish is a great option for your garage as it’s easy to clean and grippy.

The final touch

Get some radio into your new craft shop. You can find now radios that are Bluetooth compatible so you can listen only to your favorite beats. And now that we are at it, you can also install a flat panel TV or computer monitor to watch whatever you like best.

With all these new improvements, newly installed devices, there’s only one thing to do now: an efficient dust collection system.

And only now you’re good to go with your new DIY workshop…which is the old, familiar garage.